Monday, November 20, 2006

First post

Hey my name is Shmuel Krakover and I'm a System Programmer. For the last couple of years I've encountered an enormous number of issues all the way from
coding issues (ASP, JSP, C++, .NET ...)
to Application/Web servers issues (IIS, OAS, MTS)
and recently to OS related issues (Windows).

In my world there is no problem that cannot be solved.
Actually, any problem must be solved and even more, the cause for it must be completely understood. This means that I get allot reading architectures of platforms, whether its about MDAC, IIS or even as low as the OS itself.

Those technologies will probably change with time, so I'll have to deal with new problems in new areas and I'm about to share them because I'm absolutely sure that those problems are not mine only.

I hope this blog will be usefull for everyone.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Samuel
    I've read your resume and it's sound really interesting.
    I'm convinced that i can learn from your blog.
    Just one thing - In my world not every problem has a defined solution. There are "some" things that are beyond us...(for more information look at the Bible)
    Waiting for your topics..