Friday, January 21, 2011

Applications Monitoring is a Waste of Time

Organizations are making efforts on monitoring their information systems. These efforts are basically wasting the organization’s time and money.

There are great enterprise solutions from CA, IBM and others but even the leader (according to Gartner) which is HP BSM and its complementary components will fail in the basic purpose of monitoring. Not because these products monitor badly or incorrectly, but because organizations don’t understand the information they provide.

Yes you have a consolidate view of the system metrics for the relevant infra of the application, yes you do have some extra metrics from the Web Server, Application Server and DB Server.

You don’t understand which of those tens or hundreds of metrics are responsible for a failure in a case it happens and it will. There is no application with zero failures. Yes these products can analyze the historical metrics and alert when they get out of line, but who said that the historical metrics are good?

The answer in my opinion is Load and Performance Testing in order to get the metrics affect on the application performance and availability. Only when setting the relevant metrics on our monitoring systems we can fully take advantage of our investment in the monitoring solution.

I will try to convey in the following posts.

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