Friday, October 26, 2012

Load and Performance Testing - JMeter based services

After I wrote about why JMeter is better than HP LoadRunner (or Performance Center) earlier this year, I want to share few services which only exists for who choose to use JMeter.

Aside of running load tests from your own servers either inside your Data Center or on Cloud hosting, which you can do with any load testing tool, by installing and manage these servers yourself, here is a list of services which allow you to get more, for less.

These (paid/free) services are waiting for you, if you are using JMeter:

  1. BlazeMeter - don't mess around with building and managing your load testing servers. You can use this service to upload your existing JMeter scripts and resources (csv dataset files, etc) and run them from as many servers as you want, you pay for amount of servers/users you run over time and you can choose from which AWS locations to run the load test from. This service also provides nice central reporting capabilities.
  2. Gridinit - a new open source cloud load testing platform, which let you once again, utilize JMeter to run load tests from the cloud. The nice thing about this service is that you don't have to pay for anything, you can get the platform and install it on your own servers, either in the cloud or locally, and start load testing with nice web UI and some online reporting capabilities. You may also use this as a paid service and have them start needed servers in the cloud for you. Another nice feature is that you can do mixed mode load testing and utilize at once both their cloud service with combination of your own servers.
  3. Beatsoo! - a new free JMeter based application performance monitoring service. You can drop your existing JMeter scripts over there and start getting response times monitoring for your website (or any other thing your JMeter script interacts with) from world wide locations. Think how useful this is - you spend some time for load testing and improving system performance but why throwing away those scripts? Here you could re-use them for so-called "Synthetic User Monitoring" or End User Monitoring. This service will run your JMeter scripts from few world wide locations in very short intervals (around a minute or so) and allow you to compare your system performance over time and between different locations.
So here are more reasons for choosing JMeter over other load testing tools. Can you easily get you LoadRunner load tests run from several worldwide locations? Can you re-use your scripts for performance monitoring from worldwide locations?
Well, the truth about HP is that they have kinda LoadRunner SaaS but  it seems like they don't really want people to use it, as it is very expensive and it is basically a hosted Performance Center, rather than Load Testing Saas.
For re-using of the scripts for monitoring, HP have the EUM BPM but it is not available as a service neither.

Perform better, use JMeter!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Amazon EC2 N. Virginia is down

Tonight is the first time I see the AWS Management console not available after more than two years of using it. The Instances page result with an error: "Request limit exceeded" instead of a list of my instances for the N. Virginia region.

I was thinking something is broken with my connection so I cleared all my the browser caches and re-opened AWS, but it is really down.

On the AWS health dashboard only says there are performance issues with the EC2 and Elastic Beanstalk but only a note for some elevated error rate for the AWS management console... I would call it service disruption.

Let's hope the service will get back on track soon...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Internet Explorer 10 - broken link

I've developed an app which uses HTML5 capabilities and wanted to checkout which browsers are actually supporting it. I have Chrome 22 which runs it just fine and wanted to see how Firefox 16 and Internet Explorer 10 will do.

FF 16 download and installation went as expected and it actually runs my HTML5 stuff allright, the download of IE 10 is broken and I cannot even get to test it.

It seems like I will have easier life now and just skip supporting IE (anyway according to my blog statistics it seems like only 13% of my readers are using IE).